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The African Lynx Experience

Discover Cape Town and the Western Cape through tailored, multi-day itineraries designed for seamless adventure and unique insights. Enjoy top-notch vehicles, 24/7 HQ support, and expert guidance every step of the way.


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Outdoor & aDVENTURE

Exploring Biodiversity and Coastal Wonders

Embark on an adventure through a unique global biodiversity hotspot. Trek under majestic mountains or kayak alongside dolphins through vibrant kelp forests. Dive deeper with a private ocean safari, snorkeling with seals at the confluence of two mighty oceans. Discover secret spots and hidden gems with expert local guides—adventure guaranteed.

Western Cape Nature

Explore the Wild Beauty of the Western Cape

Experience the raw, natural beauty of the Western Cape with African Lynx. Follow the elusive Cape Leopard with hidden cameras, witness vibrant spring blooms in the West Coast National Park, and encounter Africa’s largest antelope. For an unforgettable sunrise, journey to a secret spot on Table Mountain with our expert guides and witness the awakening of a diverse floral kingdom.

Tastes of the Cape

Savour the Flavours of Cape Town

What’s a vacation without the pleasures of local wines and cuisine? Indulge in fine dining or artisanal produce in stunning wine valleys, or enjoy a local gin tasting as the sun sets over a world-class beach. Discover boutique farms, hidden cellars, and reserve wines, meeting the artisans behind them. Whether it’s a picnic against a Natural Wonder or lunch in a seaside cave, each moment is a feast for the senses, topped off with sunrise coffee on a majestic mountain.

Art, Culture & Design

Unveil the Creative Pulse of the Mother City

Experience the vibrant energy of Cape Town, Africa’s design capital, where creativity thrives. Explore world-class galleries, cutting-edge design houses, and unique boutiques. Embark on an exclusive journey through the city’s artistic heartbeat, discovering local art, jewelry, and fashion from extraordinary artisans. Enjoy private gallery viewings, market walks, and visits to hidden boutiques, culminating in an authentic, exclusive celebration of Mzansi’s unique charm.

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