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Outdoor & Adventure

Whether the mountains are calling you or the oceans beckon your name, the Western Cape is a haven for both adrenaline junkies and outdoor enthusiasts, alike. Hike through one of the most unique biodiversity ecosystems in the world or hug the coastline in your kayak - the mighty mountains towering over you, the teeming kelp forests swaying below you and the bottlenose dolphins gliding beside you. Delve a little deeper on your very own private ocean safari as you snorkel with playful seals and discover the pristine, natural abundance that occurs when two of the greatest oceans meet. Secret spots, hidden gems and unsurpassed local knowledge - guaranteed.

From our guests

“The experiences they were able to put together for us were so beyond what we could have imagined ourselves, let alone pull off. Their friendliness, attention to detail, expertise, and access to exclusive activities made our time in South Africa unforgettable.”

– Patrick Burns, New York City

Art, Design & Fashion

Equal parts excitement and perusal, the design capital of Africa is an experience to behold. Buzzing with an infectious energy that thrives on a constant need to create, Cape Town boasts a lineup of world-class contemporary galleries, design houses and boutiques. Enjoy an exclusive journey into the city’s creative heartbeat, finding the best local art, jewelry and garments from a melting pot of extraordinary artisans. Private gallery viewings, market walks and underground boutique visits culminate in an authentic and exclusive experience that celebrates the ‘je ne sais quoi' of Mzansi.

From our guests

“African Lynx was phenomenal!! They created a customized itinerary for me very quickly, followed up with lots of details, and executed the plan flawlessly. I had an absolute blast! The crew is FUN and knowledgeable, and they adapt to what you need. They go above and beyond.”

– Mackenzie Beaver, Durham North Carolina

Tastes of the Cape

What would a vacation be without incredible local wines and cuisine? Enjoy fine dining or artisanal produce in one of the most beautiful wine valleys you’ve ever seen. Or perhaps you’d prefer a local gin tasting as you watch the sun set over one of the best beaches in the world? Visit boutique farms, access hidden cellars, taste reserve label wines and meet the virtuosos who create them. Picnic against one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World or lunch in a cave overlooking the wild, roaring Atlantic. Freshly brewed coffee atop an enormous mountain at sunrise? Done. One thing’s for certain: From beginning to end - a gastronomical feast for senses.

From our guests

“Really appreciated the care with which you guys sought out experiences away from the other tourists. That gave it a very “exclusive” / “intimate” feel which I’m sure will be appreciated by all your guests.”

– Anna Rathman, Great Plains Foundation, New York City

Western Cape Nature

There’s something truly remarkable about the raw, natural beauty of the Western Cape region. And with African Lynx, nature lovers are in for an absolutely unparalleled experience. Walk in the footsteps of the illustrious Cape Leopard and track its movements on hidden cameras. Marvel at the kaleidoscopic quilts of spring blooms sprawled across the West Coast National Park. Get up close and personal with Africa’s largest antelope or if it’s an epic sunrise you’re after, ask any local and they’ll tell you that the best way to witness it is from a secret spot atop our beloved Table Mountain. Hike up in the dark with one of our expert guides and bare witness to the slow awakening of one of the most diverse floral kingdoms in the world.

From our guests

“We had the most wonderful holiday and wish to thank you most sincerely for the brilliant experience in your part of Africa. The Cape Leopard walk with Anita was an absolute a highlight and we loved the stories Rodger told us regarding the animal and bird behaviour, which I think is a highlight of any trip to Africa.”

– Brian Richards, Auckland New Zealand

Yoga & Wellness

The world is calling now more than ever for experiences that help us to disconnect from stressors and re-connect with source. Cape Town and its intense natural beauty offer some of the most legendary places in the world for such an escape. At African Lynx, we don’t just provide a plug on yoga experience, instead, we offer a private guide that weaves yoga and meditation into the entire length of your stay when just the right moment calls for it. From a hidden cave at dawn, abreast protea gardens teaming with life or from an exclusive deck over-looking a wine farm, we bring Cape Town and you to life. Not only will you adventure, feast and play but you will re-connect and rejuvenate too.

From our guests

“African Lynx worked with us and provided feedback and recommendations to create a custom itinerary that was tailored to our interests. Our guide Rodger was top notch and delivered a knowledgeable and smart narration that made the trip immersive, intelligent, and memorable. Every detail was covered, which made for a well-paced but still flexible and relaxing visit. You provided us with a truly epic experience that I wish I could share with everyone I know.”

– Chris Peterson, USA

Your private guide. Your private vehicle. Your private pace. All wrapped into a multi-day immersion, meticulously tailored to your needs.

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